Sky Q Box Wall Mount Clip Bracket (1TB & Earlier 2TB)


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      • Wall Mount Your Sky Q 1TB & Earlier 2TB Box! The Q-View SQ1MB Mount places your Sky Q 1TB & Earlier 2TB Box elegantly on the wall away from possible accidental damages.
      • Any Orientation Mounting! Our smart design allows the Sky Q Box to be mounted in any directions you desire with countersunk holes for flush installation.
      • Keeps Things Cool! We have also made sure that our bracket does not block ventilation in anyway and still allows for maximum airflow as well as not restricting ports or the card slot.
      • Easy Mounting! We provide countersunk screws and drywall anchors which will hold your Sky Q Box securely and safely on the wall.
      • Excellent Customer Service! Outstanding customer service which maintains 100% customer satisfaction.
      • Easy Mounting! With either our included screws & plugs easily mount on the wall.
      • Sleek and Modern Design! Does not restrict access to ports or card slot.
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